Research Interests

  • Palaeoclimatic and palaeoenvironmental change in Arabia
  • Arid zone geomorphology
  • Middle Palaeolithic of the Arabian Peninsula
  • Hominin Demography and Environmental Change
  • Low Latitude Climate Variability Throughout the Quaternary

Primary Geographic Areas 

  • Arabian Peninsula
  • Saharo-Arabian Desert Belt

Current and Past Research Projects

  • Palaeodeserts (Saudi Arabia)
  • RGS Thesiger Award (Oman)
  • Dhofar Archaeological Project (Oman)
  • British Geological Mapping Project (UAE)

Selected Publications 


Parton, A., Farrant, A.R., Leng, M.J., Schwenninger, J.L., Rose, J.I., Uerpmann, H.P., Parker, A.G. An early MIS 3 pluvial phase in Southeast Arabia: Climatic and archaeological implications, Quaternary International,

Crassard, R., Petraglia, M.D., Parker, A.G., Parton, A., Roberts, R.G., Jacobs, Z., Alsharekh, A., Al-Omari, A., Breeze, P., Drake, N.A., Groucutt, H.S., Jennings, R., Shipton, C. Beyond the Levant: first evidence of a Pre-Pottery Neolithic incursion into the Nefud Desert, Saudi Arabia. PLoS ONE (in press).


Petraglia, M.D., Alsharekh, A., Breeze, P., Clarkson, C., Crassard, R., Drake, N.A., Groucutt, H.S., Jennings, R., Parker, A.G., Parton, A., Roberts, R.G., Shipton, C., Matheson, C., al-Omari, A., Veall, M.-A. Hominin dispersal into the Nefud desert and Middle Palaeolithic settlement along the Jubbah palaeolake, northern Arabia. PLoS ONE 7: e49840.


Rose, J.I., Usik.,, V.I., Marks, A.E., Hilbert, Y.H., Galletti, C.S., Parton, A., Geiling, J.M.,Cerny, V., Morley, M.W., Roberts, R.G., 2011. The Nubian complex of Dhofar, Oman: an African Middle Stone Age Industry in Southern Arabia. PLoS ONE 6 (11), 1-22. 


Parton, A., Parker, A.G., Farrant, A.R., Leng, M.J., Uerpmann, H.P., Schwenninger, J.L., Galletti, C., Wells, J. An early MIS3 wet phase at palaeolake Aqabah: preliminary interpretation of the multi-proxy record. Proceedings for the Seminar for Arabian Studies 40, 267–276.


Journal Articles & Conference Proceedings

In press
Parton, A., Farrant, A. R., Leng, M.J., Schwenninger, J.-L., Rose, J.L., Uerpmann, H.-P. Parker, A. G., An early MIS 3 pluvial phase in Southeast Arabia: Climatic and archaeological implications, Quarternary International,
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