Alejandra Pascual-Garrido

Dr Alejandra Pascual-Garrido

Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellow

Research Laboratory for Archaeology and the History of Art
Dyson Perrins Building, South Parks Rd, Oxford, OX1 3QY

Tel: +44 (0)1865 285203

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Research Interests

I am an Argentinean-Spanish primatologist and conservationist with particular expertise in the behaviour and ecology of monkeys and apes. I hold a 3-yr Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship, following on from a postdoctoral position in Primate Archaeology at Oxford University. I also have an MSc in Scientific Journalism (Argentina), an MSc in Biological Sciences (UK), as well as a PhD in Psychology / Evolutionary Theory (Spain) for my work on the socioecology and tool use of Nigerian chimpanzees. My field experience extends to research in the behaviour and ecology of wild non-human primates in West and East Africa, South-East Asia and South-America (chimpanzees, baboons, macaques, capuchins, tamarins). Field experience also extends to population ecology (dormice, badgers, lamas), insects (ants, bees, termites) and plant ecology (tropical West Africa rainforest, Argentinean pampa), as well as laboratory work in molecular biology. My current research focuses on wild chimpanzee ecology and cognition related to tool-aided insectivory. Across Africa, these apes manufacture tools from different parts of plants - grass, leaves, bark, vine, branches, etc. -, which they then discard at resource extraction sites. I am particularly interested in reconstructing behaviour via in-situ measurements of the abandoned implements as well as from the plants used as tool raw material, thus contributing to the emerging paradigm of “Primate Archaeology”. This approach has significant relevance and potential for our interpretation of archaeological sites, given the absence of direct observations on early hominins.

Primary Geographic Area

West and East Africa, Southeast-Asia and South-America.

Current Activities/Projects

2014-2017 Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowship, “Mapping chimpanzee artefacts: What can they reveal about hominin evolution?”

Current Grants

2016–2017 The Boise Trust Fund Research Award, University of Oxford

2014–2017 Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowship

2014–2015 The Boise Trust Fund Research Award, University of Oxford 

Journal Articles & Conference Proceedings

Pascual-Garrido A (submitted). Scars on plants sourced for termite fishing tools by chimpanzees: Towards an archaeology of the perishable.  American Journal of Primatology

Pascual-Garrido A (2017). Termite fishing by Mahale chimpanzees: Revisited, decades later. Pan Africa News 24(2):15-19

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Pascual-Garrido A, Allon O, Schöning C, Sommer V (2009). Army ant consumption by Nigerian chimpanzees: Constraints of prey ecology and ape harvesting strategies. (Abstracts, 2nd Iberian Primatological Conference, 01–03 Oct 2009, Madrid). Folia Primatologica 80:402

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Fieldwork in Tanzania on chimpanzee termite-fishing 


Fieldwork in Thailand on stone tool use of long-tailed macaques

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Fieldwork in Brazil on stone tool use of capuchin monkeys


Fieldwork in Nigeria on chimpanzee insectivory and the stick tools they use

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