Barry Cunliffe

Prof Sir Barry Cunliffe

Emeritus Professor of European Archaeology

Institute of Archaeology
36 Beaumont St, Oxford, OX1 2PG

Tel: +44 (0)1865 278242

Fax: +44 (0)1865 278254


Research Interests

European archaeology especially in first millennium BC and early first millennium AD. Focusing on social and economic dynamics and the relationships between the Mediterranean world and 'barbarian' Europe.

Current Activities

Current work is on Atlantic trade systems, cultural interaction and state formation in Southern Iberia and social hierarchies in Central Southern Britain. In addition to a number of site-specific monographs (including Porchester Castle, Bath, Fishbourne, Danebury etc).



  • Facing the Ocean (2001)
  • The Ancient Celts (1997)
  • Wessex to AD 1000 (1993)
  • Iron Age Communities in Britain (3rd edition 1991)
  • Greeks, Romans and Barbarians (1988)

Edited volumes including:

  • Iron Age Britain (2004)
  • The Extraordinary Journey of Pytheas the Greek (2001)
  • Science and Stonehenge (1997)
  • Social Complexity and the Development of towns in Iberia (1995), (with C. Renfrew)
  • Prehistoric Europe (1994:1997), (with S. Keay)


Journal Articles & Conference Proceedings

Cunliffe, B., (2004), Wessex Cowboys?, Oxford Journal of Archaeology, 23, 61-81
Cunliffe, B. & Galliou, P., (2001), Britons and Bretons: some new evidence from Le Yaudet, Archaeological Journal, 157,200-228
Cunliffe, B. & Renfrew, C., (ed.), (1997), : Proceedings of the British Academy: 92
Cunliffe, B. and Keay, S., (eds.) , (1995), : Proceedings of the British Academy: 8

Published Books

Cunliffe, B, Gosden, C. and Joyce, R., (2009), The Oxford Handbook of Archaeology. , Oxford: Oxford University Press.
Cunliffe, B., (2004), Iron Age Communities in Britain (4th edition extensively revised),, London: Routledge
Cunliffe, B. & Galliou, P., (2004), Les Fouilles du Yaudet en Ploulec’h, Côtes-d’Armor. Vol. 1: Le site: Le Yaudet, dans l’histoire et la legend, OUSA Monograph 58: Oxford
Cunliffe, B. (ed.), (2004), Iron Age Britain, Batsford Ltd
Cunliffe, B., (2003), The Celts: a very short introduction, OUP: Oxford
Cunliffe, B., (2001), The extraordinary voyage of Pytheas the Greek, Penguin: Harmondsworth
Cunliffe, B., (2001), Facing the Ocean. The Atlantic and its peoples, OUP: Oxford,
Cunliffe, B., (1997), The Ancient Celts, Penguin: Harmondsworth
Cunliffe, B. & Renfrew, C., (ed.), (1997), Science and Stonehenge , Oxford:OUP
Cunliffe, B. and Keay, S., (eds.) , (1995), Social Complexity and the Development of towns in Iberia: From the Copper Age to the Second Century AD, Oxford:OUP

Contributions to Edited Books

Cunliffe, B., (2004), Britain and the Continent: networks of interaction’: in “Todd, M., (ed.), A Companion to Roman Britain”, pp 1-11, OUP: Oxford.
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