Dr Chris Doherty

Archaeomaterials Laboratory Manager

School of Archaeology
1 South Parks Road, Oxford, OX1 3TG

Tel: +44 (0)1865 285204

E-mail: chris.doherty@rlaha.ox.ac.uk

Research Interests

Geologist, ceramic specialist and laboratory manager for the Archaeomaterials Group. My primary interest is the raw materials of artifacts, exploring: (1) where they came from and how and why they were used; (2) the technical vs social development of ancient manufacturing processes; (3) the relationship between material culture and landscape.

Current Activities

Recent research activities focus on two World Heritage sites,

1) Çatalhöyük Project. Investigating the role of clay, both as a raw material and a landscape determinant.

2) Chinese high-fired ceramics - a raw materials perspective.  A long-standing research theme now in collaboration with the Palace Museum, Beijing. Moving away from conventional chemical characterisations to a more holistic approach that explains ceramic development through raw materials: initially focusing on the Five Great Wares of the Song Dynasty (Ding, Ru, Jun, Guan and Ge wares).

Recent Publications

Doherty, C. J.  2017. Living with Clay: materials, technology, resources and landscape at Çatalhöyük. (Un-published Phd: University of Leicester. http://hdl.handle.net/2381/40984 ) 

Ayala, G., Wainwright, J., Walker, J., Hodara, R., Lloyd, J.M., Leng, M. and Doherty, C. 2017. Palaeoenvironmental reconstruction of the alluvial landscape of Neolithic Çatalhöyük, central southern Turkey: The implications for early agriculture and responses to environmental change. Journal of Archaeological Science, 87, 30--43.

Doherty, C. J. and Ding, Y. 2016. Exploring a petrographic and geological approach to the study of Ru ware bodies. Proceedings of the International Symposium on Science and Technology of Five Great Wares of the Song Dynasty, Beijing.p. 3-11. 

Wood, N and Doherty, C. 2015. A Technological Study of Mamluk-period Copies of Longquan Celadon Wares. Transactions of the oriental Ceramic Society,78, p. 81-94.

Wood, N., Doherty, C., Menshikova, M. and Eng, C. 2015. A luohan from Yixian in the Heritage Museum: Some Parallels in Material Usage with the Longquanwu and Liuliqu kilns near Beijing. Bulletin of the Chinese Ceramic Art and Archaeology , 2, p. 29-36. 

Marciniak, A., Asouti, E., Doherty, C. J. and  Henton, E. (2015). The nature of household in the upper level at Çatalhöyük: smaller, more dispersed and more independent acquisition, production and consumption units. In: Assembling Çatalhöyük.(Eds. Hodder, I. And Marciniak, A.) EAA Monograph Series: Themes in Contemporary Archaeology, pp.151-166. Maney Publishing, Leeds.

Sadvari, J.W., Charles, M., Ruff, C.B., Carter, T., Vasić, M. and Larsen, C.S., E. Bar-Yosef Mayer, D. & Doherty, C. 2015. The People and Their Landscape (s). Changing Mobility Patterns at Neolithic Çatalhöyük. In: Assembling Çatalhöyük.(Eds. Hodder, I. And Marciniak, A.) EAA Monograph Series: Themes in Contemporary Archaeology, pp.167-177. Maney Publishing, Leeds.

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Cubas, M., Doherty, C., García‐Heras, M., De Pedro, I., Méndez, D. and Ontañón, R. 2014. Pottery manufacturing during the Neolithic in the north of Spain: Raw material procurement and modification in the cave of Los Gitanos (Castro Urdiales, Spain). Archaeometry. 56, p.19-35.

Dzhanfezova, T., Doherty, C. and Elenski, N. 2014. Shaping a future of painting: the early Neolithic pottery from Dzhulyunitsa, North Central Bulgaria. Bulgarian e Journal of Archaeology. 4,. 2, p.137-159.

Doherty, C.  2013. Sourcing Çatalhöyük ́s Clays. In: Substantive technologies at Çatalhöyük: reports from the 2000-2008 seasons. Ed. Hodder, I.H. Los Angeles: Cotsen Institute of Archaeology Press. 51-66.

Doherty, C., and Tarkan, D. 2013. Pottery Production at Çatalhöyük: a petrographic perspective.. In: Substantive technologies at Çatalhöyük: Reports from the 2000-2008 Seasons.Ed. Hodder, I. Los Angeles: Cotsen Institute of Archaeology Press. 183-192.

Wood, N., Doherty, C., and Rosser-Owen, M. 2009. A technological study of Chinese Changsha Sancai wares found at Samarra, Iraq. In: Gu  Taoci Kexue Jishu 8: ISAC '09.ISAC, Beijing, pp. 154-180 .


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