David Blackman

Research interests

Ancient maritime history, warships, literary and archaeology evidence for ports David Blackman was a founder member of the Committee for Nautical Archaeology in 1964 and has been active in the campaign for legislation for the protection of wrecks both in UK and international waters. He served for 20 years at the European Parliament, before becoming director of the British School in Athens. He is currently a Senior Research Fellow at the Oxford University Centre for the Study of Ancient Documents, pursuing his long-standing interest in ancient harbours, particularly naval dockyards.

Selected Publications

2013. Blackman, D.J., Rankov, B. et al.Shipsheds of the Ancient Mediterranean. Cambridge: C.U.P.

2010. Blackman, D.J. and Lentini, M.C. Recoveri per navi militari nei porti del Meiterraneaneo antico e medivale: atti del Workshop, Ravello, 4-5 Novembre 2005. Bari: Edipuglia.

2009. Lentini, M.C. and Blackman, D.J. (eds) Naxos di Scilia: l’abitato colonial e l’arsenale navale: scavi 2003-2006. Palermo: Reginale scilana.

1973. Blackman, D.J. Marine archaeology: proceedings of the twenty-third symposium of the Colsten Research Society held in the University of Bristol, April 4th to 8th, 1971. London: Butterworth.

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