Research interests

As the radiocarbon laboratory chemist, my research focuses on the development and application of radiocarbon pre-treatment methods for a range of archaeological materials, in particular bone and charcoal. I am also interested in the preservation of organic archaeological materials.

Current activities include

  • Radiocarbon dating of historical parchments: testing pre-treatment protocols and dating precision and accuracy
  • Analysis of structural and chemical change on the nanoscale within archaeological bone from Etton Causewayed Enclosure
  • Prehistoric wood sculpture from Trinidad’s Pitch Lake (PI: J Ostapkowicz, National Museums, Liverpool)
  • Use of bomb-pulse radiocarbon dating to study chronologies of modern art (with N. Eastaugh)
  • Radiocarbon dating Apachean presence in Promontory Cave, Utah (PI: J Ives, University of Alberta)



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