Julia Lee-Thorp

Prof. Julia Lee-Thorp

Professor of Archaeological Science FBA

Research Laboratory for Archaeology and the History of Art
Dyson Perrins Building, South Parks Rd, Oxford, OX1 3QY

phone: 01865 285213

fax: 01865 285220

email: julia.lee-thorp@rlaha.ox.ac.uk

Associated Research Projects


2014-          NERC CORE panel member, Panel E

2012-          NERC Isotope Geosciences Facility Steering Committee 

2011-2013  NERC Peer Review College

2007-2009  Advisory Board, Historical East African Landscapes Project (PI Lane, York University).

2006-2010  Research Director, Archaeological, Geographical and Environmental Sciences, University of Bradford.

2006-2008  NERC Peer Review College

2007-2010  Review Panel, NRCF - ORADS.

Research Interests

Diets of early hominins and more recent human groups; African archaeology; African palaeoclimates and environments; palaeoenvironmental shifts associated with archaic and modern humans; dispersals; stable isotope ecology.

Primary Geographic Areas of Interest

Africa, Europe

Current grants

2013-2014   British Academy, Coming to Knowth. A strontium isotope approach to Neolithic mobility at a passage tomb cemetery. Schulting (PI), Lee-Thorp (CI).

2012-2013   John Fell OUP Research Fund, Postdoctoral fellowship for Dr Maura Pellegrini (PI).

2011-2012  Boise Research Fund, Dietary ecology of Australopithecus afarensis from stable light isotope analysis of fossils from the Upper Laetoli Beds (PI).

2011-2012  John Fell Research Fund, Exploring strontium isotope distributions in tooth crown sequences of migratory and non-migratory fauna from Laetoli, Tanzania, (PI).

2011-2012  Leakey Foundation, Dietary ecology of Cross River gorillas from stable isotopes (PI).

2011-2012  British Academy, Ranging behaviour of Equus and Cervus from the Late Glacial site of Settecanelle (PI).

2010-2012  Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovation, Spain, Life history strategies in sympatric primates – Co- Investigator.

2010  John Fell Fund, funding for new mass spectrometer (PI)

2009-2012  Leverhulme Major Award. Evaluating hunter gatherer subsistence patterns - Co-Investigator.

2009-2012  NERC standard grant Building a better eggtimer? Co-Principal Investigator.

Current projects

  • The Wonderwerk Project (CI with Chazan, Horwitz et al)
  • Palaeoclimatic and palaeoenvironmental context of the origins of modern humans in coastal South Africa (with Marean et al).
  • The Late Glacial/Holocene transition in Lesotho (with Mitchell)
  • The Palaeodeserts Project, Arabia (with Petraglia et al)
  • Environments and isotopic ecology of the Upper Laetoli Beds: contributions to understanding the ecology of Australopithecus afarensis (with Musiba, Magori)
  • Paleoecology of Central African hominins in Chad (with Brunet,  Likius, Mackaye, Vignaud)
  • Reassessing the chronology, composition and climatic implications of three Neandertal and early modern human sites from France (with Morin)
  • Dietary seasonality and life history strategies in primates (with Macho et al).


Journal Articles & Conference Proceedings

2013    Sponheimer, M., Z. Alemseged, T. Cerling, F.E. Grine, W.H. Kimbel, M.G. Leakey, J.A Lee-Thorp, F. K. Manthi, K.E. Reed, B. A. Wood 2013. Isotopic evidence of early hominin diets. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science 10 (26): 10513-10518

Roberts, P., J. A. Lee-Thorp, P.J. Mitchell, C. Arthur 2013. Stable carbon isotopic evidence for climate change across the late Pleistocene to early Holocene from Lesotho, southern Africa.  Journal of Quaternary Science 28 (4): 360–3

Beaumont, J., A. Gledhill, J.A. Lee-Thorp, J. Montgomery 2013. Childhood diet: A closer examination of the evidence from dental tissues using stable isotope incremental analysis of human dentine. Archaeometry 55: 277-295

Beaumont, J., J. Geber, N. Powers, A. Wilson, J.A. Lee-Thorp, J. Montgomery 2012. Victims and survivors: Stable isotopes used to identify migrants from the Great Irish Famine to 19th Century London. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 150: 87 – 98

Codron, J., J. A. Lee-Thorp, M. Sponheimer, D. Codron  2013. Plant stable isotope composition across habitat gradients in a semi-arid savanna: implications for environmental reconstruction. Journal of Quaternary Science 28(3): 301–310

Codron, J., K. Kirkman, K.J. Duffy, M. Sponheimer, J.A. Lee-Thorp, A. Ganswindt, M. Clauss, D. Codron 2013. Stable isotope turnover and variability in tail hairs of captive and free-ranging African elephants (Loxodonta africana) reveal dietary niche differences within populations. Can. J. Zool. 91: 124-134.


Lee-Thorp, J.A., A. Likius, T.S. Mackaye, P. Vignaud, M. Sponheimer, M. Brunet 2012. Isotopic evidence for an early shift to C4 resources by Pliocene hominids in Chad, Proceedings of the Nationary Academy of Science 109 (50): 20369-20372

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Grine, F.E., M. Sponheimer, P.S. Ungar, J.A. Lee-Thorp, M.F. Teaford 2012. Dental microwear and stable isotopes inform the palaeoecology of extinct hominins. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 148: 285-317

Sandberg P., B. Passey, J.A. Lee-Thorp, M. Sponheimer, P. Ditchfield, D. van Gerven 2012. Intra-tooth stable isotope analysis of human dental tissues: Laser ablation of enamel and serial sections of dentine collagen in permanent first molars and canines, American Journal of Physical Anthropology 147 (S54): 257


Copeland, S.R., M. Sponheimer, D. de Ruiter, J.A. Lee-Thorp, D. Codron, P.J. le Roux, V. Grimes, M.P. Richards 2011. Strontium isotope evidence for early hominin landscape use. Nature, 474: 76-79.

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Mitchell P.J., I. Plug, G.B. Bailey, R. Charles, A. Esterhuysen, J.A. Lee Thorp, A.G. Parker, S. Woodborne 2011. Fishing at the Place of the Tobacco Plants: a high-resolution open-air record of late Holocene hunter-gatherers from highland Lesotho. Antiquity 85:1225–42

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Edited volumes, contributions to edited volumes


Sponheimer, M., J.A. Lee-Thorp, K. Reed, P. Ungar (Editors) 2013. Early Hominin Ecology University of Colorado Press, Boulder, pp. 1-470.

Lee-Thorp J.A., M. Sponheimer 2013. Hominin ecology from hard tissue biogeochemistry. In Sponheimer, M., J.A. Lee-Thorp, K. Reed, P. Ungar (Editors) Early Hominin Ecology, University of Colorado Press, Boulder, pp. 281-324.

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