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Dr Lisa M. Bendall

Sinclair & Rachel Hood Lecturer in Aegean Prehistory
Tutorial Fellow at Keble College for Archaeology & Anthropology and Classical Archaeology & Ancient History

Institute of Archaeology
36 Beaumont St, Oxford, OX1 2PG

Tel: +44 (0)1865 278244

Fax: +44 (0)1865 278254

E-mail: lisa.bendall@arch.ox.ac.uk

Satellite view of the Aegean

Research Interests

Aegean Prehistory; Linear B and other Bronze Age Aegean Scripts; Mycenaean religion, festivals and banqueting; archives, ancient and modern; history of decipherment; economic history.

Current Activities

Am completing work on a new book: Reading Linear B, intended as a new resource and introduction.


Graduate: supervision in Aegean Prehistory and Linear B; dedicated annual course on Linear B.

Undergraduate and graduate lecture series include: Aegean Prehistory; Aegean Bronze Age Scripts; Urbanisation and Change in Complex Societies; Introduction to World Archaeology.

Undergraduate teaching includes tutorials for:

  • Minoan Crete (CAAH and A&A FHS option paper)
  • The Aegean in the Bronze and Early Iron Age (aka ‘Homeric Archaeology’) (A&A, CAAH, and Classics option paper)
  • Urbanisation and Change in Complex Societies (A&A FHS Core Paper 4)
  • Early Greece and the Mediterranean (CAAH FHS Core Paper)
  • Introduction to World Archaeology (A&A Mods 1)
  • Archaeological Methods and Techniques (A&A Mods 4)
  • Language support in Attic Greek

Director of Studies for undergraduates in A&A and CAAH, and College Advisor graduate students at Keble College.


Linear B Tablet

Linear B tablet from Knossos in the Ashmolean Museum

recording bull's head rhyta and golden Vapheio cups


Journal Articles & Conference Proceedings

In press

‘Does Linear B ideogram *211vas+PO indicate a rhyton?’ Minos 39: 41-59. (set and copyedited 2014)


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‘How much makes a feast at Knossos? Banqueting in Crete at the time of the Linear B administration.’ In: Vlazaki, M. ed. Proceedings of the 10th International Cretological Congress, Chania, Crete, October 2006. Πεπραγμένα του Ι᾿ Διεθνούς Κρητολογικού Συνεδρίου (Χανιά, 1-8 Οκτωβρίου 2006), Chania, 2011, Φιλολογικός Σύλλογος « Ο Χρυσόστομος », pp. 255-274.


‘How much makes a feast? Amounts of banqueting foodstuffs in the Linear B records of Pylos’, in A. Sacconi, L. Godart, M. Negri (eds.) Proceedings of the XIIth International Colloquium of Mycenology, Rome, February 2006. Rome, Biblioteca di Pasiphae.


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Published Books

In press

 ‘Evidence from written sources’, co-written with Martin West. In Lemos, I.S. & Kotsonas, A. A Companion to the Archaeology of Early Greece and the Mediterranean. Wiley-Blackwell. (submitted January 2016)

Reading Linear B. Volume I. Accepted by Cambridge University Press in December 2015. (submitted April 2015)


Reprint of The Decipherment of Linear B and the Ventris-Chadwick Correspondence. (below). Exhibition Catalogue. First published 2003 by The Mycenaean Epigraphy Group and the Chadwick Fund, Faculty of Classics, Cambridge. Reprinted by the Centre for the Study of Ancient Documents (CSAD), Oxford.


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Contributions to Edited Books


‘Where was da-wo?’ In: Nosch, M.-L. & Enegren, H. Proceedings of the 14th Mycenological Colloquium, Copenhagen. Pasiphae Press.


‘Gifts for goddesses: Pylian perfumed olive oil abroad?’ In Nakassis, D., Gulizio, J. & James, S.A. eds. KE-RA-ME-JA. Studies Presented to Cynthia W. Shelmerdine. INSTAP Prehistory Monographs 46. INSTAP Academic Press, Philadelphia PA: 141-162.


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Bendall, L., (2004), Fit for a king? Exclusion, hierarchy, aspiration and desire in the social structure of Mycenaean banqueting: in Halstead, P. and Barrett, J. (ed.) Food, Cuisine and Society in Prehistoric Greece, pp 105-135, Sheffield: University of Sheffield Press.


 Bendall, L., (1999), A time for offerings: Dedications of perfumed oil at Pylian festivals: in “Bennet, J. & Driessen, J. (eds.), A-NA-QO-TA. Studies Presented to J.T. Killen. Minos 33-34, pp 1-9, Minos. 

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