Linda Hulin

Dr Linda Hulin

Research Officer - Oxford Centre for Maritime Archaeology, Fellow & Tutor in Arch & Anth at Harris Manchester/Tutor in Archaeology at Magdalen

School of Archaeology
1 South Parks Road, Oxford, OX1 3TG

Tel: +44 (0)1865 611744


Research interests

Archaeology of the Levant, Egypt, Cyprus and Libya; imperial/colonial relations; nomadic/settled interaction

Linda Hulin’s interests centre upon the materiality of interregional contact across the eastern Mediterranean, and particularly the Levant, Egypt, Cyprus and Libya. She has researched the impact of empire on both rulers and ruled in the Late Bronze Age, and she focuses generally upon the relationship between aesthetic sensibilities and social identification in both the ancient and modern world. Hulin has taken part in numerous excavations and surveys across the eastern Mediterranean and currently directs the Western Marmarica Coastal Survey in Libya, where she is exploring settled and nomadic relations at the edges of empires through time.

Linda Hulin is also co-organiser of the TORCH-funded research network inHabit: Text, Object and Domestic space, with Oliver Cox (Thames Valley Country House Partnership), Antony Buxton (Continuing Education) and Jane Andeson (School of Architecture, Oxford Brookes University)

Undergraduate level teaching

From Hunting and Gathering to States and Empires in South-west Asia (with Amy Bogaard)

Contribution to:

Introduction to World Archaeology
The Nature of Archaeological Enquiry
Urbanism and Change in Complex Society

Masters level teaching

Contribution to:

Ancient Maritime Societies

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