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Research Interests

Prehistoric archaeology, maritime prehistory, the relationship between human activity and environmental change, archaeological theory, molecular genetics, bridging the sciences and humanities, material culture, ethics and the relevance of archaeology

Primary Geographic Areas

South Asia, Arabia, East Africa, Indian Ocean

Current grants

2008-2013  European Research Council (ERC);
Starting Independent Researcher Grant; “Bridging continents across the sea:  Multidisciplinary perspectives on the prehistoric emergence of long-distance maritime contacts in the Indian Ocean”; – Principal Investigator
2008-2012  Australian Research Council;
Discovery Project; “Assessing lithic evidence for the impact of the Toba Super-eruption (74,000 years ago) on long-term cultural, biological and ecological histories in the Indian subcontinent” – Co-Investigator (with Christopher Clarkson (PI) and Michael Petraglia)
2008-2009  McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research;
“Pilot excavations at Europa Point, Gibraltar” – Principal Investigator


Current projects

  • Director, SEALINKS Project (2008-present)
  • Co-director, South Deccan Prehistory Project (2002-present)
  • Co-director, Kurnool District Archaeological Project, Son Valley  Archaeological Project (2003-present)
  • Co-director, Iberia-Africa Connections Project, Gibraltar (2007- present)



Journal Articles & Conference Proceedings

In press
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Published Books

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Boivin, N. & Owoc, M. (eds.), (2004), Soils, Stones and Symbols: Cultural Perceptions of the Mineral World, London: University College London Press

Contributions to Edited Books

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