Board members (alphabetical order)

Sir Barry Cunliffe
Prof. Chris Gosden
Prof. Bert Smith
Prof. Andrew Wilson


Dr Damian Robinson, Director
Franck Goddio, Visiting Senior Lecturer in Maritime Archaeology
Dr Linda Hulin, Research Officer

Honorary Associates

Dr David Blackman

Hilti Foundation Scholars

Bobby Orillaneda
Thesis: The Santa Cruz shipwreck: a 15th century Southeast Asian trade vessel

Previous Hilti Foundation Scholars

Dr Emma Libonati
Thesis: The statues of Heracleion and the Canopic region

Dr Zoe Robinson
Thesis: The metalware from the sanctuary-complex at Heracleion-Thonis

Dr Yvonne Stolz
Thesis: Early Byzantine jewellery and related finds from the underwater excavations in Aboukir Bay in Egypt: their classification, production, and function

Sandra Heinz
Thesis: The statuettes and amulets of Thonis-Heracleion

Elsbeth van der Wilt
Thesis: The place of lead in an Egyptian port city in the Late Period

Current Students

Carlos Cabrera Tejedor
Thesis: The maritime archaeology of Spain during Late Antiquity, A.D. 400–750

Brian Fahy
Thesis: Holistic shipwreck assemblages of 14th and 15th century southeast Asia

Peter Fiske
Thesis: Late Bronze Age eastern Mediterranean seafarers and seafaring

Giles Richardson
Thesis: Last of the wooden walls? Excavating the life and after-life of warships in the Victorian navy.

Veronica Walker Vardillo
Thesis: Nautical Angkor: the Social Life of Boats in the Khmer Empire

Previous Students

Alkiviadis Ginalis
Thesis: Byzantine ports—Central Greece as a link between the Mediterranean and the Black Sea

Ania Kotarba-Morley
Thesis: Defining mechanisms of Red Sea and Indian Ocean trade between 3rd c BC and 6th c AD: Using spatial analysis and geoarchaeology to investigate harbours at the port city archaeological sites of Berenice (Egypt), Pattanam (India), Manthai (Sri Lanka) and Unguja Ukuu (Zanzibar)

Katia Schörle
Thesis: Long-distance trade and the exploitation of arid landscapes in the Roman and Late Roman periods (50 BC–AD 650)