Dr Peter Hommel

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Institute of Archaeology
36 Beaumont St, Oxford, OX1 2PG

Tel: +44 (0)1865 278147

Fax: +44 (0)1865 278254

E-mail: peter.hommel@arch.ox.ac.uk

Research Interests

  • Siberian prehistory
  • Early ceramic technology
  • Pottery production and use in mobile societies
  • Stone beads and bead technology in and around China
  • ‘Animal-style’ in Early Iron Age material culture in the steppe
  • Analytical approaches to ancient technology

Primary Geographic Area

  • Siberia

Current Activities/Projects

  • European Celtic Art in Context: exploring Celtic Art and its eastern links (insert link to project webpage)
  • Western Zhou bead technology (in collaboration with M.Sax (British Museum)
  • Oxford Centre for Asian Archaeology, Art and Culture lecture series (convener)


  • Hommel, P. In press. What’s The Point? Ceramic Globalization in the Early Holocene? In N. Boivin and M. Frachetti (ed.) Globalisation and the People Without History. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
  • Hommel, P., P.M. Day & P. Jordan. 2015. Context is Everything: Early Pottery, Hunter-gatherers and the Interpretation of 
Technological Choices in Eastern Siberia. In E. Sibbesson, B. Jervis, and S. Coxon (ed.), Insight from Innovation: New Light on Archaeological Ceramics. Papers in Honour of Professor David Peacock. Southampton: Southampton Monographs.
  • Hommel, P. & M. Sax, 2014. Shifting Materials: Variability, Homogeneity and Change in the Beaded Ornaments of the Western Zhou. Antiquity 88, 1213-1228.
  • Hommel, P. 2013. Hunter-Gatherer Innovations: Ceramic Technology, in P. Jordan, M. Zvelebil, V. Cummings (ed.), The Oxford Handbook of Hunter Gatherers, Oxford Handbooks Online. Oxford University Press [online].doi:10.1093/oxfordhb/9780199551224.013.008
  • Hommel, P., J. Rawson & M. Sax. 2013. Vnutri Kitaya i za ego Predelami: Proizkhozhdenie i Rasprostranenie Bus V Period Zapadnogo Chzhou, in A.A. Tishkin and N. Serëgin (ed.), Sovremennye Resheniya Aktual'nykh Problem Evrazijskoj Arkheologii: 320-324. Barnaul: Altai University University Press (in Russian).
  • Hommel, P. 2009. Hunter-Gatherer Pottery: An Emerging 14C Chronology, in P. Jordan, M. Zvelebil (ed.), Ceramics Before Farming; The Dispersal of Pottery Among Prehistoric Eurasian Hunter-Gatherers: 561-570. Walnut Creek, CA: Left Coast Press.
  • Hommel, P., V.M. Vetrov, P. Jordan, P. Day & N.S. Müller. 2008. Drevnejshaya Keramika Ust'-Karengskoj Arkheologicheskoj Kul'tury (Predvaritel'nye Rezul'taty Analizov). Vestnik Mezhdunarodnogo Tsentra Aziatskikh Issledovanii 14, 237-248 (in Russian).


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