Research Interests

  • Quaternary malacology and micropalaeontology, specifically non-marine molluscs and ostracods
  • Reconstructing Pleistocene climate and environments
  • Palaeolithic archaeology
  • Clast lithological analysis 

Current and Past Research Projects

  • Palaeodeserts: Climate Change and Human Evolution in the Arabian Desert.  Post-doctoral researcher, November 2013, on-going.
  • Fenland Rivers of Cambridgeshire Project. Research Associate, 2007-2008.
  • Trent Valley Palaeolithic Project. Research Associate, 2005-2007. 


Peer-reviewed Research Articles

White, T.S., Preece, R.C. & Whittaker, J.E. (2013). Molluscan and ostracod successions from Dierden's Pit, Swanscombe: insights into the fluvial history, sea-level record and human occupation of the Hoxnian Thames. Quaternary Science Reviews, in press.

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Penkman, K.E.H., Preece, R.C., Bridgland, D.R., Keen, D.H., Meijer, T., Parfitt, S.A. White, T.S. & Collins, M.J. (2012). An aminostratigraphy for the British Quaternary based on Bithynia opercula. Quaternary Science Reviews, 61, 111–134.

Bridgland, D.R., Westaway, R., Abou Romieh, M., Candy, I., Daoud, M., Demir, T., Galiatsatos, N., Schreve, D.C., Seyrek, A., Shaw, A.D., White, T.S. & Whittaker, J. (2012). The River Orontes in Syria and Turkey: Downstream variation of fluvial archives in different crustal blocks. Geomorphology, 165-166, 25–49.

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White, T.S., White, M.J., Bridgland, D.R. & Howard, A.J. (2009). Palaeolithic and Quaternary research in the Trent Valley (UK): contributions by early collectors. Proceedings of the Geologists’ Association,120, 223–232.

White, T.S., Bridgland, D.R., Howard, A.J. & White, M.J. (2008). Lower Palaeolithic quartzite artefacts from the Trent Valley at East Leake, Nottinghamshire (SK 558248): new light on a hidden resource. Quaternary Newsletter, 114, 10–20.

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Bridgland, D.R., Howard, A.J., White, M.J. & White, T.S. (Eds). Quaternary of the Trent. English Heritage Monograph, Oxbow Books, Oxford (in press, due early 2014).

White, T.S., Bridgland, D.R., Howard, A.J. & White M.J. (2007). The Trent Valley and Adjoining Regions: Field Guide. Quaternary Research Association, London. 

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