Research Interests

Linking my various research interests is a deeply-held curiosity about the interactions between people and the material world. My interests include:

  • Science and technology
  • Memory and material culture
  • Material culture theory
  • Religion and ritual
  • Archaeological methods and practices
  • Roman Britain and Near East

Current Activities

  • Assistant director of the Vale and Ridgeway Project (Marcham/Frilford excavations)
  •  Manager of the ‘Portal to the Past’ collaboration with the Oxford e-Research Centre
  • Roman post-doc on ‘English Landscapes and Identities’ project
  • Researcher on memory and material culture in Roman Britain on Prof. Karl Galinsky’s ‘Memoria Romana’ project
  • Co-chair of the ‘Horizons of British Archaeology Group’
  • Co-organiser of the ‘Materiality Discussion Group’


Research projects


Selected publications 


  • Kamash, Z 2010 Archaeologies of Water in the Roman Near East, Gorgias Press: New York.
  • Allen, T and Kamash, Z 2008 Saved from the Grave: Neolithic to Saxon Discoveries at Spring Road Municipal Cemetery, Abingdon, Thames Valley Landscape Monograph: Oxford.


Book chapters:

  • Kamash, Z 2012 (forthcoming) ‘Memory, materiality and religion in Roman Britain’ in Clack, T (ed.) Archaeology, Syncretism, Creolisation, OUP: Oxford.
  • Kamash, Z 2011 (in press) 'Roman Mediterranean' in Stevenson, A., Hicks, D. and Coote, J. (eds.) World Archaeology at the Pitt Rivers Museum. A Characterization. Oxford: Archeopress.
  • Kamash, Z 2011 (in press) 'Interpreting the archaeological evidence: latrines and the senses' and 'Perceptions of latrines: socio-cultural, moral and religious issues' in Jansen, G, Koloski-Ostrow, A O and Moorman, E M (eds) Roman Toilets: their archaeology and cultural history, Peeters: Leuven; Paris; Walpole MA.
  • Kamash, Z 2010 'Which way to look? Exploring latrines in the Roman world' in Molotch, H and Norén, L (eds) Toilet: the public restroom and the politics of sharing, NYU Press: New York . 
  • Kamash, Z 2006 ‘Recent research on Roman dams in the Near East’ in Wiplinger, G (ed.) Cura Aquarum in Ephesus (Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on the History of Water Management and Hydraulic Engineering, Ephesus, 2-10 October 2004), Peeters: Leuven; Paris, 233-238.


Journal articles:

  • Kamash, Z 2012 (forthcoming) 'From the Thames to the Euphrates: exploring attitudes towards water in Roman Britain and the Near East' Mediterranean Historical Review
  • Kamash, Z 2011 (in press) 'Irrigation technology, society and environment in the Roman Near East' Journal of Arid Environments: ancient agriculture special issue
  • Kamash, Z, Gosden, C and Lock, G 2010 'Continuity and religious practices in Roman Britain: the case of the rural religious complex at Marcham/Frilford, Oxfordshire' Britannia 41, 95-125.
  • Gosden, C, Kamash, Z, Kirkham, R and Pybus, J 2009 'Joining the dots: exploring technical and social issues in e-Science approaches to linking landscape and artefactual data in British archaeology' E-Science workshops, 2009 5th IEEE International Conference 171-174.
  • Kamash, Z 2008 'What lies beneath? Perceptions of the ontological paradox of water' World Archaeology 40.2, 224-237.
  • Kamash, Z with Wilkinson, D R P 2002 ‘Late Saxon and medieval occupation: evidence from excavations at Lincoln College, Oxford 1997-2000’ Oxoniensia 67, 199-286.






Journal Articles & Conference Proceedings

Kamash, Z., Gosden, C. and Lock, G. (with contributions from J. Harrison, P. Levick, J. Smallridge and S. Raven) , (2008), The Vale and Ridgeway Project: excavation at Marcham/Frilford 2007: interim report, South Midlands Archaeology , 38,68-76

Published Books

Kamash, Z., (2010), Archaeologies of Water in the Roman Near East,, Gorgias Press: New York.
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