The Le Yaudet Project – Appendices

On this site we present a considerable body of data, for the most part in the form of lists and tables, which supports the arguments and generalizations in the printed text of Volumes 2 and 3 of the Le Yaudet report. It would have been possible to offer much more data of this kind: we have been selective but in this have been guided by the specialists who have worked with us.

It was the original intention to present this material in the printed volume but the added cost would have been considerable and hardly justified given the highly specialist nature of the material. Web publication, through the server of the Institute of Archaeology, University of Oxford, offers a sensible means of dissemination and has the added benefit of being free to the user. The data are laid out in a conventional linear fashion: no attempt has been made to reformat them to be interactive.

Illustrations and tables included in this appendix have been numbered consecutively following on from those in the printed text.

Volume 2 Appendices

Appendix A: Stratigraphy

Appendix B: Small Finds

Appendix C: Pottery

Appendix D: Plant and Animal Remains

Volume 3 Appendices

Appendix A: Stratigraphy

Appendix B: Report on the geophysical survey by Andy Payne


Appendix C: List of all small finds by Emma Durham

Appendix D: Pottery

Appendix E: Animal bones by Julie Hamilton

Appendix F: Plant remains by Gill Campbell


Appendix G: Marine molluscs by Greg Campbell (includes Table 1: Taxa recovered from the bulk samples at Le Yaudet)

Appendix H: Radiocarbon dates by Tom Higham


Appendix I: Plans

Most detailed plans are published in the printed volumes. The plans offered here in addition show all features cut into the natural bedrock.