Undergraduate Fieldwork

All BA Archaeology and Anthropology students must complete at least four weeks of approved fieldwork to be taken before the long vacation of the second year. The Oxbow Prize for Fieldwork, sponsored by Oxbow Books, is awarded to the best fieldwork report.

Searching for Fieldwork Opportunities

Archaeological Fieldwork

Work Experience/Internships with local museums & heritage organisations

Lots of museums offer work experience roles and you can contact them directly or ask the Undergraduate Administrator to liaise with them on your behalf. Be sure to ask them lots of questions about what the work experience day-to-day activities will be and ideally look for roles which are varied. Smaller, regional museums often have more need for volunteers and will have projects you can really get your teeth into so don't forget to ask in your home town. Here are a few links to get you started in your search:

The University of Oxford's Career Service runs The Summer Internship Programme which provides access to hundreds of internship opportunities during the long (summer) vacation. Filter for those interships offerred in the 'Arts & Heritage' sector.