Fieldwork Health & Safety

In accordance with University regulations, students who undertake fieldwork as an essential part of their course must complete a Fieldwork Risk Assessment form to be approved and signed by the Head of School prior to any work starting.

NOTE: If your fieldwork is anthropological in nature (e.g. it involves working with animals, interviewing people, etc.) then you must complete a CUREC form and submit an Anthropology Risk Assessment form which can both be found on the SAME website here. These forms must be submitted to the School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography for review. 

All first year BA Arch & Anth first years must submit their risk assessment by week 4 of TT at the latest for it to count towards your degree. 

Please read these guidelines before you travel: Code of Practice for Fieldwork and Overseas Travel
Fieldwork Attendance Certificate (to be signed by Tutor) 
Fieldwork Claim Form (to be signed by Tutor) 
Dorchester Safety Declaration (to be signed by student)

Travel Insurance

You must also apply for University travel insurance and you will need to complete a travel insurance application avaialble here. Please submit this (with as much detail as you can - flight bookings can be confirmed at a later date) along with the Risk Assessment form.

Once your Risk Assessement has been signed off by the Head of School, you can download and take the policy form and emergency contact details with you on your travels. The latest versions of these are located on the travel insurance page (link above) in the right hand column.