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GAO is a student-led organization for graduate students in Archaeology, Classical Archaeology, and Archaeological Science at the University of Oxford.

GAO organises workshops for graduate students as part of the program for the development of graduate skills. These courses have the purpose of enriching our skills in subsidiary disciplines of archaeology. The courses aim to give students the necessary practical skills to be more versatile in the field as well as in their future professional careers.

As part of their commitment to promote the exchange of ideas between the various fields of archaeology, they organise a yearly postgraduate conference. 

If you wish to get in touch with any of the members of the committee, you can find our individual email addresses via the link below, or simply send an email to


Fieldwork training and first aid courses are available each term through the Safety Office, and are highly recommended for graduate students, especially those performing fieldwork overseas. The courses are enjoyable and useful, and discuss important information relating to the university insurance policy.

For further information on the courses:

Training sessions for tutorials will take place on Tuesday of fourth week in Hilary Term, 5th February 2013. This will be followed by a Graduate Skills Seminar where former Oxford undergraduates will share their experience of teaching and their experience of being taught in the tutorial system for the benefit of those who have not experienced it themselves. Graduates will be expected to have completed the training session and to have passed their transfer of status before they are granted teaching.

Further information about teaching in archaeology and the social sciences division can be found on Weblearn:

Graduate Skills Seminars

What are the graduate skills seminars?

The graduate skills seminars are held usually Friday afternoons during Michaelmas and Hilary terms. They provide an opportunity for post-graduate students from all areas of archaeology to get specialist insight into a wide range of topics of personal or professional interest.
Previous seminars have included:
Photographing Small Finds in Archaeology
Lithic Analysis and Stone Tools
Introduction to Statistics for Archaeology
Introduction to MapInfo – Mapping Software in Archaeology
Human Remains
Archaeological Drawing
Managing Fieldwork Expeditions
Call for Ideas
Do you have an idea for a topic you’d like to learn about? We’re always looking for new ideas for seminar topics that might be of interest to post-graduate students. If you have any ideas, please email and

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The GAO has opened a store! If you are looking to display your archaeological pride or want a nice gift for family or friends, please have a look! We have a range of useful items, from t-shirts to jackets, bags to water bottles, all with the GAO logo. You can find it at:

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