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Giving - Undergraduate Fieldwork Training

For many of our undergraduates, the two-week training excavation at the end of their first year is one of the most memorable experiences of their time at Oxford. The School is one of the few UK departments which still runs a training excavation where all first-year students are able to work alongside one another while receiving intensive training in excavation, survey and recording techniques, as well as finds-processing. The costs associated with fieldwork are increasing inexorably, while at the same time raising funds for excavation in the UK is becoming more difficult as the local societies and charities which have traditionally supported them are themselves coming under growing financial pressures. It currently costs £300 to maintain a student on the fieldwork training course; with philanthropic support, we hope to continue to provide excavation training to all our undergraduates without adding to their fees burden. With an annual intake of 25 students, we are seeking support of £7,500 per annum to maintain this distinctive element of what makes the study of archaeology at Oxford so worthwhile and unique.

Specialist Equipment

In addition to the costs associated with carrying out fieldwork, specialised equipment is critical to the successful completion of research projects. An endowment of £150,000, for example, would provide the Oxford Centre for Maritime Archaeology an annual fund to purchase and maintain much-needed equipment for use by our staff and students.

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