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Giving - Graduate Scholarships

Graduate students are valued members of the School’s academic community. Through their research, they introduce us to new areas of the world in exploring questions that have an impact on preserving threatened sites and informing the international community about human society. Our students also have an impact beyond Oxford as they present their research findings at seminars and conferences globally.

Oxford is proud to be one of the world’s top academic training grounds for archaeologists and our graduate programmes shape the leaders, teachers and researchers of tomorrow. Yet no leading University can attract the very best without significant funding. Graduate study is costly and a lack of finance is the overriding reason why promising young scholars offered a place at the School of Archaeology do not take it up. At many US private universities, doctoral students receive a full funding package; graduate funding is also automatic on admission at a range of leading European universities.

In this context, the School of Archaeology’s most pressing need is for substantial postgraduate scholarships. With philanthropic support, it is our ambition to offer at least four fully-funded graduate scholarships per year, therefore requiring total support of £120,000 per annum and four fees-only scholarships costing a maximum total of £66,000 per annum.

An average costing for 2012/2013 is provided below and gives an indication of the fee tariffs. The maintenance levels are based on those recommended by the main UK Research Councils.

Fees UK/EU Students International Students
Total £22,322 £30,172
University £6,200 £14,050
College £2,532 £2,532
Maintenance £13,590 £13,590

An additional cost for many research students in archaeology is incurred by the need to undertake museum visits and fieldwork, often abroad. This added financial burden is becoming increasingly unmanageable as public funding deteriorates. We estimate current need to be on average £800 per research student, though some require significantly more. A gift to the Student Support Fund will make an enormous difference in enabling students to continue to undertake innovative fieldwork and museum-based research. 

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