Jacobsthal Project - Events


The exhibition 'Persecution and Survival: a war-time refugee story' was held at the Gallery, Oxford Town Hall and Museum between 15 January and 11 March 2012. Curated by Dr Ulmschneider and Dr Crawford, it was conducted in partnership with Oxford - City of Sanctuary Group and the Association of Jewish Refugees. Other partners involved included Oxford Museum, the Bodleian Library, and Christ Church.

The exhibition was opened on 14th January 2012 by the novelist Mark Haddon and Prof Chris Gosden in the presence of the Lord Major, former refugees and their families, and other dignitaries. The exhibition explored the life of the refugee archaeologist Prof. Paul Jacobsthal, founder of the discipline of prehistory in Germany, whose work in the 1930s directly challenged Hitler’s nationalistic and political doctrines.

On display were objects relating to Jacobsthal from the Bodleian Library Special Collections, Christ Church Archives, the Institute of Archaeology, and private collections of refugees and their descendants, brought together for the first time. Other exhibits included personal items of former refugees, including letters, photographs, and other objects never seen before.

The visual part of the exhibition, which also featured a reconstruction of Jacobsthal’s desk at Christ Church, was supplemented by oral exhibits. These included a listening post with headphones, where oral histories of surviving war-time refugees collected during the project by Dr Megan Price could be heard.

Partner contribution to the exhibition included a TV corner, showing the film ‘Continental Britons’ by the Association of Jewish Refugees. Oxford -City of Sanctuary group organized a display board of current refugee projects and agencies in Oxford, and Chenderit School pupils provided a timeline of events leading up to the war.

 The exhibition was accompanied by a series of public lectures, and a guide-book – Persecution and Survival: The Paul Jacobsthal Story. A TV Trailer on Paul Jacobsthal’s life is scheduled to be filmed in July.

Public Talks, Lectures and Workshops

June 2012: Oxford Refugee Academics, St Hilda’s College

March 2012: Corpus Christi College International Workshop on Refugee Academics in the Arts and Humanities

March 2012: Archaeological Archives from the Institute of Archaeology: Paul Jacobsthal and others, Gallery Town Hall, Talk for University students

February 2012: Archaeology, Nazis, and Dangerous Celts: the Paul Jacobsthal story, Oxford University Archaeological Society

November 2011: Refugees, Nazis and Archaeology: Paul Jacobsthal, Oxford University Chabad Society

November 2011: Persecution and Survival: the German-Jewish Refugee Paul Jacobsthal, Oxford Museum

October 2011: Gosford Hill School, Kidlington, Talk to group of 6th form pupils of Oxford schools

September 2011: Talk to Chenderit School Banbury Oxford, outline of The Jacobsthal Project

September 2011: From the past to the future: archives at the Institute of Archaeology, Institute of Archaeology Oxford 50th Anniversary Event

January 2011: Persecution and survival: the German Refugee Paul Jacobsthal, Oxford Professor of Celtic Art, Oxford Architectural and Historical Society

January 2011: Persecution and survival: the experience of the German refugee Paul Jacobsthal, History of Archaeology Research Network, Cambridge

September 2010: Persecution and Survival: the Paul Jacobsthal archive, St Hilda’s College, Oxford

September 2010: Refugees, Nazis, and Archaeology: War-time archives from the Institute of Archaeology, Oxford, Oxford Alumni Weekend, Said Business School, Oxford