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S. Crawford and K. Ulmschneider 2010: ‘Life between the nations – the wartime correspondence of German Refugee archaeologist Paul Jacobsthal’, British Archaeology 115, 30-33.


S. Crawford and K. Ulmschneider 2011: Paul Jacobsthal’s Early Celtic Art, his anonymous co-author, and National Socialism: new evidence from the archives, Antiquity, Volume 85, issue 327, March 2011.

K. Ulmschneider and S. Crawford (invited paper) 2011: Paul Jacobsthal: ‘Childhood, art and education in late 19th century Berlin: an autobiographical account’, Childhood in the Past, Volume 4, 11-30.

K. Ulmschneider and S. Crawford 2011: 'Post-war identity and scholarship: the correspondence of Paul Jacobsthal and Gero von Merhart in the Oxford Jacobsthal archive', European Journal of Archaeology, 14 (1-2); 231-250.


S. Crawford and K. Ulmschneider 2012: Persecution and Survival: The Paul Jacobsthal Story.  Accompanying booklet to the Exhibition.

K. Ulmschneider and S. Crawford 2012: ‘Writing and experiencing internment: rethinking Paul Jacobsthal’s internment report in the light of new discoveries’, in G. Carr and H. Mytum (eds.): Prisoner of War Archaeology: Perspectives on the Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Mass Internment of Soldiers and Civilians, Springer Publications, Sept 2012.

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