Jacobsthal Project - Outreach

Paul Jacobsthal Public Speaking Competition, January 27th 2012

This event, jointly organized by Chenderit School and Dr Megan Price from the Institute of Archaeology, was hosted by Christ Church, Oxford, on Holocaust Memorial Day.

Six schools sent teams to compete in the discussion of themes relating to modern politics, society, and events surrounding the second world war.

The debate took place in front of a public audience and a panel of judges from the Institute of Archaeology, Christ Church, Jewish Organizations, and a QC.

Overall organisation and presentation of the event was conducted by Chenderit students, with support from Gosford Hill School. The event proved to be extremely successful. The younger year groups also displayed a timeline of the events leading to the Holocaust. The standard of public speaking from all the teams was very high, impressing the judges and audience alike. Congratulations to the winning team from Magdalen College School, and a huge ‘well done’ to everyone who took part! 

Participating Schools in 2012: 

  • Chenderit School, Northants.
  • Gosford Hill, Oxford
  • Cheney School, Oxford
  • Tudor Hall, Oxon.
  • Magdalen College School, Oxford
  • Kineton High School, Warwicks.

We are planning to continue this event.

To take part in next year’s debate, please contact: Dr Megan Price – megan.price@arch.ox.ac.uk

Primary Schools

We would love you to send us your drawings of Celtic Art.You can also use the templates on this page. Just print out and go!

Celtic Art Template One

Celtic Art Template Two

Celtic Art Template Three

Celtic Art Template Four

Secondary Schools

Have you ever thought about interviewing your family or friends about how the Second World War had affected their families? Maybe they still have letters or photographs? Were your ancestors perhaps refugees themselves? We would love to hear your stories – so send them to us.