Postgraduate Studies in Archaeology

There is a thriving community of over 150 postgraduate students at the School of Archaeology all conducting innovative research and study into critical questions about our past. Three centres work together to provide support and facilities for these students, fostering cross-disciplinary research and sharing of expertise:

Furthermore, the University's four museums, world-class libraries, botanic gardens and scientific laboratories provide our students with exceptional access to unsurpassed opportunities for inspiriation and stimulation. 

Students are encouraged to establish themselves within one or more cutting-edge Research Groups, which offer over twenty weekly seminar series.  The School of Archaeology also provides specialist skills seminars, and within the University more generally there exist excellent opportunities for foreign language learning, IT skills training, careers guidance, etc. Postgraduate students also have the opportunity to attend lectures within the University, not only those in Archaeology.

Oxford postgraduate students also benefit from the University’s collegiate system. Each student is a member of a college, with access to facilities and support. Belonging to both the School and a college is part of what makes the postgraduate experience at Oxford special. 

Postgraduate students also run their own organisation (Graduate Archaeology at Oxford - GAO) which provides further skills seminars, a mentoring programme, social events and a very successful conference series. Elected members also sit on various School Committees, ensuring students are represented across the governing bodies.

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