Helena Hamerow and colleagues have been awarded an ERC Advanced Grant

25-04-2017 by Reception User

‘Feeding Anglo-Saxon England: The Bioarchaeology of an Agricultural Revolution’ (FeedSax).

This four-year project aims to understand the timing and nature of the huge increase in cereal production that enabled the population of England (and much of Europe) to boom between the ninth and twelfth centuries, fuelling the growth of towns and markets.  It will generate the first direct evidence of early medieval land use and cultivation regimes by analysing crop stable isotopes, weed flora, cattle bones and pollen data to reveal the changing impact of cereal farming (specifically, adoption of the heavy plough, crop rotation and ‘open fields’) on the medieval landscape.  Patterns emerging from these bioarchaeological data will then be compared with the evidence from excavated farms to explore the inter-relationship between arable farming and settlement forms.

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