RLAHA celebrates its 60th Anniversary

04-12-2015 by Administrator

In the summer of 1955, the Research Laboratory for Archaeology and the History of Art, more affectionately known as “the Lab” came into being.  This was the result of the meeting of two minds – Lord Cherwell, Professor of Experimental Philosophy in the Clarendon Laboratory, and Professor Christopher Hawkes, the University’s first Professor of European Archaeology, along with the energy, enthusiasm and dedication of Teddy Hall, supported at first by Stuart Young and then by Martin Aitken.
A lot has happened since then to the Lab, to Oxford and to academic archaeology and we are delighted to be celebrating a series of events on Thursday 10th December to mark the 60th Anniversary of the opening of the Research Laboratory with friends and colleagues, past and present.   We are also taking this as an opportunity to develop our archive on the School and would invite anyone with any information (e.g. photos, letters etc.) relating to their time in the School that might be willing to contribute to get in touch.  Please contact us through events@arch.ox.ac.uk if you have any queries about this or any of the above.

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