Award for joint project with Cotswold Archaeology


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Dr Wendy Morrison has been awarded £9,100 from Historic England for a joint 3 month project with Cotswold Archaeology. Master of all we survey: towards GIS synthesis of large scale development-led geophysics will explore the potential for collating and utilising results from a multiplicity of individual geophysical surveys across England. Very large areas (probably many tens of thousands of hectares) have now been surveyed in this way. The combined results should have much to tell us about the character, density and patterning of archaeological remains across the landscape results. Unfortunately, this potential cannot be realised at present, because the results are scattered and often hard to access.

Working primarily with surveys from one source (Cotswold Archaeology), this project will develop a method for collating the results of multiple surveys in a single GIS dataset, and undertake some sample analyses to test the research potential of the data. If this pilot project proves successful, funding will be sought for a larger-scale project to merge and analyse geophysical survey results from multiple organisations across England.

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