Launch of SIBA (Stone Interchanges in the Bahama archipelago) web pages

12-12-2017 by Reception User

The AHRC-funded SIBA project focuses on exotic stone artefacts imported into the Bahamas and Turks and Caicos Islands between AD 700-1500, exploring their provenance through both traditional (EPMA/SEM) and novel geo-chemical techniques (laser ablation; Sr-Nd-Pb isotope analyses), as well as iconographic studies. The project brings together colleagues from the School of Archaeology (PI-Joanna Ostapkowicz), Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (Co-I Gareth Davies) and University of Granada (Prof. Antonio García-Casco). The web pages are an introduction to the project and its techniques, as well as the archaeology and iconography of the region. They highlight the collections of the international project partners, including the Smithsonian, the American Museum of Natural History, and the National Museums of the Bahamas and TCI. Over the coming year, additional web content will be developed in partnership with Bahamian/TCI stakeholders (The Bahamas Department of Education and the islands’ National Museums) to implement education initiatives for local schools.
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