The Atlas of Hillforts in Britain and Ireland


The Atlas of Hillforts in Britain and Ireland is a collaborative four year project between the Universities of Oxford and Edinburgh directed by Professors Gary Lock (Oxford) and Ian Ralston (Edinburgh) and funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.  The aim is to record every hillfort in these countries and make them available through an online resource and a published atlas.  The scope of the project is not restricted to the pre-Roman Iron Age and analysis will concentrate on aspects such as spatial and chronological patterns at different scales. The website will also incorporate a Google Earth-based ‘hillfort-wiki’ so that anyone can enter images and text about hillforts.

The project will involve three people based in Edinburgh and three in Oxford and also two fully-funded PhD students who will work closely with the team but also concentrate on their own topics within the general programme, these are hillfort chronologies (Edinburgh) and landscape settings (Oxford).

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