Staff Fieldwork

In accordance with University regulations, the School of Archaeology has a Fieldwork Health and Safety Policy. This policy requires staff who undertake fieldwork to complete a Safety in Fieldwork form before any work is started. Click on the link to the form, download and print out, then fill in the form remembering to add required signatures.

Please Note - you need to allow a minimum of six weeks prior to your date of travel, for the necessary paperwork to be completed.


You must also apply for University travel insurance and you will need to complete a  travel insurance application avaialble here.

PLEASE NOTE - Please DO NOT hand the insurance form in to the Departmental Administrator (as instructed on the standard University form), but instead submit it with your risk assessment.  Please also note that we undertstand that you may not be able to fill in your flight details at this stage.  That is ok.  Please let us have that information when you have it and we can add it to your form.

Risk assessments must be made for all fieldwork and overseas travel. The nature and complexity of the assessment should reflect the risks involved with the work. In many cases the work itself is not hazardous but it takes place in hazardous surroundings. In these cases the risk assessment should concentrate on the travel-associated risks. For instance, no written risk assessment would be needed for low risk activities such as attending conferences or visiting colleagues in Northern America or the European Union, but similar activities in more dangerous locations would require one.  Where a risk assessment is not required, you will only need to submit an application for insurance form with a full itinerary for your trip. The object of any risk assessment procedure is to identify all the hazards associated with the work and then to assess the risk that these hazards present under particular circumstances. Following the exercise it should be possible to identify areas of work that present particular problems and act to reduce the risk to an acceptable level