How will my work be assessed?

There are three main ways in which your work, like that of all other Oxford students, will be assessed. For each essay you write the person tutoring you will provide written and oral comments, though they will not give you a mark as such. At the end of each term everyone who has taught you during those eight weeks will send a report to your College tutor, which you will able to discuss. Later, your College will probably also set you an exam ('Collection') on that term's work to make sure that you have understood it. However, neither of these forms of assessment contributes to your overall degree result. This depends upon the marks you obtain in your Final (third year) exams, currently assessed by seven three hour written papers and a thesis on a subject of your own choice. Before this, you must pass the exams taken at the end of your first year (Honour Moderations or 'Mods') so that you can continue with the rest of the course.



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