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During the Final Honour School, students delve more deeply into the subject areas which have been introduced to them in the first year. They will also decide on which three options they would like to take from the following list of 30 subjects. One option is studied in the second year, two are studied in the third year.

Gender Theories & Realities: Cross-cultural Perspectives

This course will familiarise students with theories of gender and feminist critique and how to apply these insights to the analysis of anthropological and archaeological research past and present. We will explore the various social meanings given to males and females in a wide range of ethnographic settings and the effect of these gender constructs on a person’s identity, access to knowledge and power, role in social relationships, claim to resources and the symbolic representation of gender within each society. By examining recent anthropological field research on women and men and the meaning of social representations of gender roles in local contexts, we will present varied approaches to the study of gender and society.

This option offers an opportunity to explore the contributions to social theory and analysis made by gender focused anthropological studies. As such, it builds on and significantly expands topics covered in the core papers as well as addressing areas of gender/feminist research not covered by the core syllabus.

Throughout the course, students are expected to keep a ‘gender diary’ aimed at relating the content of the course to their own lived experiences. The gender diaries will form the focus of the final session in week 8.

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