Information for Early Career Researchers at the School of Archaeology

Information and Resources for Early Career Researchers

The following resources at the University are available for the School's community of Early Career researchers, and colleagues working with them. If you have any queries relating to the guidance or the opportunities set out below, please contact either the School at or named contacts provided within the links below.

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University Code of Practice for the employment and career development of research staff

The University's Code of Practice is available as a pdf document via this link. The website includes Guidance for Researchers regarding career development, with a checklist of questions that may be useful to consider at different stages within the research contract, and Guidance for PIs, research group leaders, Heads of Department and Departmental Administrators working with research staff.


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Guidance on Personal and Professional Development, and PDRs

The University website includes a Support for Researchers section, which contains information on a variety of topics, including Personal and Professional Development. This subsection includes guidance relating to Personal Development Reviews (PDRs)/Career Development Reviews (CDRs), via this link. Guidance on DIY Personal Development is also available via POD, at




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Training opportunities for career development

The University provides a range of training opportunities relating to career development, within and beyond academia. These include:

Social Sciences Division  - the Division provides details of upcoming programmes of events relevant to Early Career Researchers’ professional development. Resources are listed under the following career development themes: Writing & communication skills; Research integrity; Knowledge exchange & impact; Funding; Wellbeing; Teaching; Fieldwork; and Project management.

People and Organisational Development - POD provides a course directory of training and workshops on a wide range of topics in professional development.

Careers Service  - the University’s Careers Service offers support for career development both within and beyond academia

Guidance relating specifically to teaching and supervision opportunities is also provided at this link.

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Applying for grants

Information about current archaeology-related funding opportunities is available on the School's Research Support webpage. More general guidance on research funding is available on the University website via this link. Funding is categorised as either Internal (provided by the University itself) or External (provided by external funders, such as the UK Research Councils or Charities). One important internal funding resource to consider is the John Fell Fund: applications for main awards (more than £7,500) can be made by researchers who hold a post that includes responsibility for developing their own research agenda; applications for small awards (up to £7,500) can be made by early career researchers employed by the University who aspire to an academic post or fellowship, but do not yet hold such a post, provided that the applicant has the support of their line manager (further details are available at the website).

Researchers interested in applying to all external and internal research grant schemes must first obtain School approval. Queries regarding potential funding applications should be sent in the first instance to the School's Research Administrator, Laura Morley.

The Research Applications Library for the Social Sciences (RAL) is a useful resource for researchers when preparing grant applications to external funders. The library archives past successful grant applications which have been deposited by Social Sciences researchers. All researchers employed within the Social Sciences Division at Oxford may apply for access to the library (the access request form is available via the link above).  

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SPECTRA (Society for Postdoctoral and Early Career Teaching and Research Staff in Archaeology)

This official society of the postdoctoral researchers within the School exists to facilitate networking between its members, represent the postdoctoral community at appropriate School committees, and promote the professional development of early career researchers. The Society organises meetings and workshops, and disseminates information regarding career opportunities. Officers are appointed every autumn, and there are various opportunities to support the Society (and gain experience in administrative activities within the University). The Society’s website is available here; please contact Dr Courtney Nimura for further information.



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Oxford Research Staff Society

The University’s Oxford Research Staff Society is a forum for researchers throughout the University, which represents researchers within and beyond the University, and organises social and professional networking activities across departments and divisions. There are representatives from the School of Archaeology on the Committee. Every term the University also runs a welcome event for new researchers (more information is available here).