Dr Paul Albert

Primary Geographic Areas

Japan, Iceland and the Central Mediterranean.

Current Activities

Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowship: Lake Suigetsu and volcanic ash, the key to synchronising palaeoclimate archives. 

This research looks to maximise the tephrochronological potential of the Lake Suigetsu (Honshu, Japan) sedimentary record through the identification of cryptotephra horizons, both in terms of facilitating the synchronisation of this key paleoclimate archive with other important climate records, but also enabling the reconstruction of a more complete record of volcanic history for the region.

Current Doctoral Students

Danielle McLean

Rebecca Kearney

  • Glass geochemistry of pyroclastic deposits from the Aeolian Islands in the last 50 ka: A proximal database for tephrochronology

    Albert, PG, Tomlinson, EL, Smith, VC, Di Traglia, F, Pistolesi, M, Morris, A, Donato, P, De Rosa, R, Sulpizio, R, Keller, J, Rosi, M, Menzies, M
  • First integrated tephrochronological record for the last ∼190 kyr from the Fucino Quaternary lacustrine succession, central Italy

    Giaccio, B, Niespolo, EM, Pereira, A, Nomade, S, Renne, PR, Albert, PG, Arienzo, I, Regattieri, E, Wagner, B, Zanchetta, G, Gaeta, M, Galli, P
    et al
  • Identification of the Changbaishan ‘Millennium’ (B-Tm) eruption deposit in the Lake Suigetsu (SG06) sedimentary archive, Japan: Synchronisation of hemispheric-wide palaeoclimate archives

    McLean, D, Albert, PG, Nakagawa, T, Staff, RA, Suzuki, T, Smith, VC
  • Underestimated risks of recurrent long-range ash dispersal from northern Pacific Arc volcanoes.

    Albert, PG
  • Clarifying the distal to proximal tephrochronology of the Millennium (B–Tm) eruption, Changbaishan Volcano, northeast China

    Chen, X-Y, Blockley, SPE, Tarasov, PE, Xu, Y-G, McLean, D, Tomlinson, EL, Albert, PG, Liu, J-Q, Müller, S, Wagner, M, Menzies, MA
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