Dr Peter Bray


  • The Provenance, Use, and Circulation of Metals in the European Bronze Age: The State of Debate

    Radivojević, M, Roberts, BW, Pernicka, E, Stos-Gale, Z, Martinón-Torres, M, Rehren, T, Bray, P, Brandherm, D, Ling, J, Mei, J, Vandkilde, H, Kristiansen, K
    et al
  • Lead Isotope Analyses Revealed the Key Role of Chang'an in the Mirror Production and Distribution Network During the Han Dynasty

    Zhangsun, YZ, Liu, RL, Jin, ZY, Pollard, AM, Lu, X, Bray, PJ, Fan, AC, Huang, F
  • Bronze Age metal circulation in China

    Pollard, AM, Bray, P, Hommel, P, Hsu, YK, Liu, R, Rawson, J
  • Tracing the flows of copper and copper alloys in the Early Iron Age societies of the eastern Eurasian steppe

    Hsu, YK, Bray, PJ, Hommel, P, Pollard, AM, Rawson, J
  • Chemical analysis of ancient Chinese copper-based objects: Past, present and future

    Liu, R, Bray, P, Pollard, AM, Hommel, P
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