Dr Chris Doherty

Research Profile

Current Activities

Recent research activities focus on two World Heritage sites,

1) Çatalhöyük Project. Investigating the role of clay, both as a raw material and a landscape determinant.

2) Chinese high-fired ceramics - a raw materials perspective.  A long-standing research theme now in collaboration with the Palace Museum, Beijing. Moving away from conventional chemical characterisations to a more holistic approach that explains ceramic development through raw materials: initially focusing on the Five Great Wares of the Song Dynasty (Ding, Ru, Jun, Guan and Ge wares).

  • The clay world of Catalhoyuk

  • New Insights into the Calcium Flux Used in Ancient Longquan and Yue Kilns Based on Strontium Isotopic Compositions

    Ma, H, Wood, N, Doherty, C, Zheng, J, Zhou, G, Duan, H
  • Living with Clay: materials, technology, resources and landscape at Çatalhöyük

  • Palaeoenvironmental reconstruction of the alluvial landscape of Neolithic Catalhoyuk, central southern Turkey: The implications for early agriculture and responses to environmental change

    Doherty, C
  • Exploring a petrographic and geological approach to the study of Ru ware bodies

    Doherty, CJ, Ding, Y
    Edited by:
    Shi, N, Miao, J