Dr Antonis Iliopoulos

Research Profile

Current Project

Handmade: Understanding Creative Gesture in Pottery Making

Principal Investigator: Dr Lambros Malafouris

As a postdoctoral researcher in the project, I focus on exploring the semiotic dimensions of the materials and bodily techniques involved in pottery making. In order to study this creative practice, I draw upon the theory of material engagement, developed by Dr Lambros Malafouris. I specifically implement a working hypothesis known as the hypothesis of enactive signification, which I complement with the pragmatic semiotics of Charles Sanders Peirce. By applying a pragmatic and enactive theory of cognitive semiotics to the case of pottery making, I seek to illuminate the nature and emergence of ceramic material signs, aesthetic and symbolic alike.

  • Early body ornamentation as Ego-culture: Tracing the co-evolution of aesthetic ideals and cultural identity

    Iliopoulos, A
  • Replacing Epiphenomenalism: a Pluralistic Enactive Take on the Metaplasticity of Early Body Ornamentation

    Garofoli, D, Iliopoulos, A
  • Material Engagement Theory and its philosophical ties to pragmatism

    Iliopoulos, A
  • Mind and cognition

    Iliopoulos, A
    Edited by:
    López-Varela, S
  • The Evolution of Material Signification: Tracing the Origins of Symbolic Body Ornamentation through a Pragmatic and Enactive Theory of Cognitive Semiotics

    Iliopoulos, A