Dr Caroline Heitz

Current Position

Since 2020      SNSF-Postdoc.Mobility Fellow, School of Archaeology, University of Oxford 

Since 2019      Editorial board of the Open Series in Prehistoric Archaeology (OSPA)


Advisory board of the German Theoretical Archaeology Group (Ag TidA)


Current Projects

Time and Temporality in Archaeology. Approaching Rhythms and Reasons for Societal (Trans)formations in Prehistoric Central Europe (TimeArch), Fellowship. Funding: Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF), Grant No. http://p3.snf.ch/project-194326.

Quantifying human impacts to tease apart cultural and climatic drivers of Holocene vegetation change (QuantHum), PI: M Conedera. Funding: Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF), Grant No. http://p3.snf.ch/project-169371.


Monographs / Anthologies

2020    Heitz, C. (2020) Abseits der grossen Seen. Archäologie und Erhaltung der neolithischen Unesco-Welterbestätte Seedorf, Lobsigesee. Hefte zur Archäologie im Kanton Bern 7. Bern: Archäologischer Dienst des Kantons Bern. https://boris.unibe.ch/id/eprint/145073

2017    Heitz, C., Stapfer, R. (Eds.) (2017) Mobility and Pottery Production: Archaeological and Anthropological Perspectives. Leiden: Sidestone.


Peer-reviewed Journal Articles / Chapters

In Print    Heitz, C., Laabs, J., Hinz, M., Hafner, A. (2021) Collapse and Resilience in Prehistoric Archaeology: Questioning Concepts and Causalities in Models of climate-induced Societal Transformations. In: P. Erdkamp, J.G. Manning and K. Verboven (eds.) Climate and society in ancient worlds. Divergence in collapse and resilience, Basingstoke: Palgrave McMillan.

2021    Heitz, C., Hinz, M., Laabs, J., Hafner, A. Mobility as resilience capacity in northern Alpine Neolithic settlement communities. In: L. Brainerd, S. Russo (eds.). Resilience and Archaeology: Human response to past hardship. The Archaeological Review from Cambridge 36.1, 2021, pp. 75–106.

Heitz, C., Stapfer, R. (2021) Itineraries of pottery. A mixed methods approach to mobility. In: C.D. Gibson, K. Cleary, C.J. Frieman, (Eds.) Making Journeys. Archaeologies of Mobility. Oxford: Oxbow, pp. 107–119.

Affolter, J., Emmenegger, L., Hafner, A., Heitz, C., Hinz, M., Stapfer, R., & Wehren, H. (2021). From flint provenance to mobility studies: New raw material determinations from Late Neolithic wetland sites at Lake Biel and Lake Constance. Quaternary International.


2020    Deza-Araujo, M., Morales-Molino, C., Henne, P., Heitz, C., Pezzatti, G. B., Hafner, A., Tinner, W., Conedera, M. (2020) A critical assessment of human impact indexes based on anthropogenic pollen indicators. Quaternary Science Reviews 236.  https://doi.org/10.1016/j.quascirev.2020.106291

2019    Stapfer, R., Heitz, C., Hinz, M., Hafner, A. (2019) Interdisciplinary examinations carried out on heterogeneous coarse ceramics from Neolithic lakeside settlements: Analysis strategy and preliminary results from a test series using pXRF. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports.