Dr Stephen Merkel

Research Profile

Current Activities
Archaeometallurgy of silver
Sourcing medieval lead
Roman and early medieval brass making and provenance
Calamine mining in the southern Alps

Associated Research Projects
Silver and the Origins of the Viking Age (ERC)

  • Provenancing Viking-age Silver: Methodological and Theoretical Considerations and a Case Study

    Edited by:
    KERSHAW, J, Williams, G
  • Archaeometallurgical investigations of a Viking brass ingot hoard from the Hedeby Harbor in northern Germany

    Merkel, SW
  • Archaeometallurgical Analysis of Metalworking Debris from a Germanic Goldsmithing Workshop at Elsftelth-Hogenkamp, 2nd-3rd Century AD

    Merkel, SW
    Edited by:
    Glaser, L
  • Römisch-germanische Kontakte an der Huntemündung? Fragestellungen, Methoden und erste Ergebnisse aktueller interdisziplinärer Forschungen am Ufermarkt von Elsfleth-Hogenkamp und seinem Umfeld

    Folkers, A, Jöns, H, Merkel, SW, Schlotfeldt, S, Siegmüller, A, Struckmeyer, K, Wolters, S
    Edited by:
    Burmeister, S, Ortisi, S, Museum und Park Kalkriese (Bramsche, CH, sponsor, O, Osnabrück, U, Denkmalpflege, NLF
  • Silver and the Silver Economy at Hedeby

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