Dr Xiuzhen Li

Research Profile
  • Surface chromium on Terracotta Army bronze weapons is neither an ancient anti-rust treatment nor the reason for their good preservation

    Martinón-Torres, M, Li, X, Xia, Y, Benzonelli, A, Bevan, A, Ma, S, Huang, J, Wang, L, Lan, D, Liu, J, Liu, S, Zhao, Z
    et al
  • Ink marks, bronze crossbows and their implications for the Qin Terracotta Army

    Bevan, A, Li, X, Zhao, Z, Huang, J, Laidlaw, S, Xi, N, Xia, Y, Ma, S, Martinon-Torres, M
  • China’s first emperor and the terracotta warriors

    Lin, JCS, Li, X, Miller, K
  • Building the Terracotta Army: ceramic craft technology and organisation of production at Qin Shihuang’s mausoleum complex

    Quinn, PS, Zhang, S, Xia, Y, Li, X
  • Marking practices and the making of the Qin Terracotta Army

    Li, X, Bevan, A, Martinón-Torres, M, Xia, Y, Zhao, K
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Lecturer for core papers:

Honour Moderations 1 -  Introduction to World Archaeology

FHS 4 - Urbanisation and Change in Complex Societies

East Asia in World History - Rise of Social Complexity

Convenor for object-handling sessions:

Chinese Bronzes, Jades, and Ceramics in the Ashmolean Museum

Postgraduate teaching:

Chinese Archaeology

Archaeology of Eurasia

Asian Archaeology Seminar Series