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My research centers on the analysis of ancient technological systems, covering issues of innovation, technological choices, organization of production, and adoption processes. Geographically, I specialize in the archaeology of Western Asia and the Ancient Near East, with a particular interest in the Caucasus mountains. Methodologically, I use a combination of survey, excavation and natural science laboratory techniques (especially microscopy and chemical analysis) to address archaeological and anthropological questions about the past.

My current field and laboratory projects focus on technological and social transformations during the Late Bronze and Early Iron Age in the South Caucasus. In particular, I am interested in how metal production was organized and how new innovations such as iron were impacted by existing technological systems. I direct the international collaborative project "Archaeological Research in Kvemo Kartli" (Project ARKK), which examines craft production and social organization in an ore-rich foothill zone. Through the comprehensive examination of Late Bronze and Early Iron Age societies in this region, I seek to understand how innovations spread through mountainous regions like the Caucasus.


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  • The Metal behind the Myths: Iron Metallurgy in the Southeastern Black Sea Region

    ERB-SATULLO, N, Gilmour, BJJ, Khakhutaishvili, N
  • Investigating the spatial organisation of Bronze and Iron Age fortress complexes in the South Caucasus

    ERB-SATULLO, NL, Jachvliani, D, Kalayci, T, Puturidze, M, Simon, K
  • The Innovation and Adoption of Iron in the Ancient Near East

    Erb-Satullo, N
  • The Ebb and Flow of Copper and Iron Smelting in the South Caucasus

    Erb-Satullo, NL, Gilmour, BJJ, Khakhutaishvili, N
  • Patterns of settlement and metallurgy in Late Bronze-Early Iron Age Kvemo Kartli, southern Georgia

    Erb-Satullo, NL
    Edited by:
    Anderson, W, Hopper, K, Robinson, A
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