Professor Tom Higham

Research Profile

Research Activities

  • Magdalenian and Epimagdalenian chronology and palaeoenvironments at Kůlna Cave, Moravia, Czech Republic.

    Reade, H, Grimm, SB, Tripp, JA, Neruda, P, Nerudová, Z, Roblíčková, M, Sayle, KL, Kearney, R, Brown, S, Douka, K, Higham, TFG, Stevens, RE
  • From photogrammetry to radiocarbon dating; investigating hafting adhesives on stone tools using a multi-analytical approach

    Devièse, T, Veall, MA, Allen, R, Riesmeier, M, Cameron, J, Bonjean, D, Higham, T
  • Denisovan ancestry and population history of early East Asians.

    Massilani, D, Skov, L, Hajdinjak, M, Gunchinsuren, B, Tseveendorj, D, Yi, S, Lee, J, Nagel, S, Nickel, B, Devièse, T, Higham, T, Meyer, M
    et al
  • A late Neanderthal tooth from northeastern Italy

    Romandini, M, Oxilia, G, Bortolini, E, Peyrégne, S, Delpiano, D, Nava, A, Panetta, D, Di Domenico, G, Martini, P, Arrighi, S, Badino, F, Figus, C
    et al
  • The Early Upper Palaeolithic bone industry of the Central Altai, Russia: New evidence from the Kara-Bom site

    Belousova, NE, Fedorchenko, AY, Rybin, EP, Seletskiy, MV, Brown, S, Douka, K, Higham, T

Postgraduate teaching

Course lecturer in Chronology for the MSc in Archaeological Science.