Dr Peter Hommel

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Current Activities/Projects

European Celtic Art in Context: exploring Celtic Art and its eastern links

Western Zhou bead technology (in collaboration with M.Sax (British Museum)

Oxford Centre for Asian Archaeology, Art and Culture lecture series (convener)

Associated Research Projects

FLAME (The FLow of Ancient Metals across Eurasia)

  • Archaeological assessment reveals Earth’s early transformation through land use

    Stephens, L, Fuller, D, Boivin, N, Rick, T, Gauthier, N, Kay, A, Marwick, B, Geralda, C, Armstrong, D, Barton, CM, Denham, T, Douglass, K
    et al
  • Making Mounds: Monuments in Eurasian Prehistory

    Edited by:
    Romankiewicz, T, Fernandez-Gotz, M, Lock, G, Buchsenschutz, O
  • Vessels on the Vitim: 'Neolithic' Ceramics In Eastern Siberia

    Vetrov, V, HOMMEL, P
    Edited by:
    Jordan, P, Gibbs, K
  • Supercritical Fluids for Higher Extraction Yields of Lipids from Archeological Ceramics.

    Devièse, T, Van Ham-Meert, A, Hare, VJ, Lundy, J, Hommel, P, Ivanovich Bazaliiskii, V, Orton, J
  • Beyond Provenance: New Approaches to Interpreting the Chemistry of Archaeological Copper Alloys

    POLLARD, AM, BRAY, P, Cuenod, A, HOMMEL, P, Hsu, Y-K, LIU, R, Perucchetti, L, POUNCETT, J, SAUNDERS, M
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