Dr Sam Leggett

Research Profile

I am a postdoctoral researcher on "Women of the Conversion Period. A Biomolecular Investigation" a Fell Fund project led by Professor Helena Hamerow. The project investigates exogamy and exceptional female burials in seventh century England, and their connections across Europe using biomolecular techniques. We ask what else might set these richly furnished females graves apart aside from their funerary treatment? Is the key to understanding female power in the age of Christianisation in their molecular make up? Who were these women and where were they from? Our starting point is Kent, the catalytic centre of Christianisation in southern England, and its links across the channel. 

I am a specialist in biomolecular archaeology, with a particular focus on isotopic analyses, but I also have a background in anatomy and immunology. My research focuses on major socio-environmental transitions in the first millennium AD, looking at the interplay between people and their environment. Recently my work has focussed on the Migration Period in northwest Europe, the Late Antique Little Ice Age and Medieval Climate Anomaly, and changes in diet linked to Christianisation in England.