Research Associates

The School of Archaeology is able to offer a limited number of Research Associate positions to help foster collaborations with individuals for mutually beneficial reasons and where such individuals are not employed by research organisations directly.  More information on the different types can be found below and which include:

  1. Honorary Research Associate - awarded by invitation only to those with an established and distinguished reputation within their field.
  2. Research Associate - applications reviewed against the criteria indicated below at the first meeting of School Board each term (week 1) and outcomes advised usually within a few weeks.  
  3. Junior Research Associate - offered to all recent graduates and research staff who have recently come to the end of their fixed term contracts for a period of 12 months.  Such status and ongoing association is intended to assist with the transition to the next stage of their careers.

Categories (1) and (3) are offered directly to individuals however individuals interested in applying to become a Research Associate (category 2) should use the application form which should be completed and returned by email with a copy of the applicant's CV to our HR team at this email address

Honorary Research Associate (HRA)

For individuals with an established and distinguished reputation within their field relevant to the School’s activities and with whom the School wishes to have a long standing relationship.  Such status is subject to direct invitation by the School, as agreed by School Board, and cannot be applied for directly by individuals.  Offered for five years at a time, no annual renewal required.  May be renewed at the Board’s discretion after five years.

Research Associate (RA)

For individuals actively collaborating in current research projects and/or current research interests within the School.  The individual must be nominated by the PI or other senior staff member.  These are typically researchers who are not based in another research establishment (e.g. not employees of another University/institution or named collaborators on a grant) and are expected to be undertaking research at a postdoctoral level.   Such association with the School would be for a finite period of time during the most active stages of the project, and only in rare cases would such associations last longer than three years or be renewed.

Junior Research Associate (JRA)

For recent graduates or research staff whose fixed-term appointments have recently finished.   The School will support JRA status for a period of 12 months following course completion/end of contract to enable individuals to retain institutional association whilst they transition to the next stage of their career.   JRA status is granted automatically upon application to the HR team and is strictly non-renewable.