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Archaeology is a subject that spans the entirety of the human past all across the globe.  Oxford’s School of Archaeology is one of the few departments in the world where so many diverse aspects of archaeological teaching and research are brought together to address critical questions about our past.  We offer a range of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and have research projects on all the inhabited continents. As a result, we have the depth and breadth of expertise to help students tackle complex issues ranging from human origins and early hunter-gatherers, to the ancient environment, classical and historical archaeology, and chronology.  We are also particularly fortunate that the legacies of eminent archaeologists who have called Oxford home, including Sir Arthur Evans and Lawrence of Arabia, continue to provide inspiration to both students and staff.

News and Announcements


Open Day at the School of Archaeology Friday 15th September

Students, parents and teachers are invited to spend a whole day in Oxford, attending events, talking to staff and students and getting answers to any questions. We strongly recommend that you use public transport to get here and for all the latest travel advice, maps and direction please click here


Oxford Radiocarbon Accelerator Unit dates the world’s oldest recorded origin of the zero symbol

In collaboration with the Bodleian Library, the School of Archaeology’s Oxford Radiocarbon Accelerator Unit recently carbon dated the Bakhshali manuscript, an ancient Indian mathematical text. One folio in the manuscript was dated to the 3rd-4th Century CE making it the world’s oldest recorded origin of the zero symbol that we use today.

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Postdoctoral Fellowship Schemes

The School of Archaeology welcomes interest from postdoctoral fellowship applications from within and outside of Oxford.  Guidance notes are available for all those interested in developing their research project at the School of Archaeology.

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Late surviving Neanderthals ‘much older’ than previously thought

Late surviving Neanderthals from Croatia were much older than previously thought, according to new research from the University of Oxford.

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Save the date! School of Archaeology Open Day 15th September 2017

The next University-wide Open Day for undergraduates will be held on Friday 15 September 2017. Students, parents and teachers are invited to spend a whole day in Oxford, attending events, talking to staff and students and getting answers to any questions which remain after examining prospectuses and websites. The School of Archaeology will be open to visitors from 10am to 3pm. You can register and see our programme of events here: http://www.arch.ox.ac.uk/open-day.html


Highlights of the 2017 excavation season at Dorchester on Thames

The training excavation run by the School of Archaeology and Oxford Archaeology ran this summer from June 25th to July 21st 2017, continuing a ten year project to understand the Roman settlement now covered by allotments in the village of Dorchester on Thames. 


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HEIR project in 'Current Archaeology' article

The Historic Environment Image Resource (HEIR) Project, directed by Sally Crawford and Katharina Ulmschneider, was discussed in the June issue (number 327) of Current Archaeology.

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Online hillforts atlas maps all 4,147 in Britain and Ireland for the first time

Dotted across the landscape of Britain and Ireland, hillforts have been part of our story for millennia. Now launched for the first time is a new online atlas that captures all of their locations and key details in one resource, see https://hillforts.arch.ox.ac.uk

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Open Days at the School of Archaeology, 28th & 29th June 2017

This summer's Open Days will be taking place at our newest buildings at No. 1. South Parks Road. We look forward to seeing you there from 11am next Wednesday 28th or Thursday 29th June. 

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Alumni, staff and students gather to celebrate Prof Mark Robinson on his retirement

On Friday members of the School of Archaeology, past and present, came together at St Peter's College to honour and celebrate Prof Mark Robinson who is retiring from teaching at the School. It was wonderful to see so many alumni attend his party and to hear Professor Richard Bradley, Professor Nick Barton, Professor Julia Lee-Thorpe and Dr Lisa Lodwick give such thoughtful speeches about how much Mark has meant to them, the School and the wider environmental archaeology community. We wish Mark all the best in his next endeavours and are happy to know that he isn't gong too far.

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Dame Professor Jessica Rawson To Be Awarded the Charles Lang Freer Medal

Renowned art historian, author, academic administrator and curator Dame Professor Jessica Rawson will be awarded the Charles Lang Freer Medal for her lifetime work in Chinese art and archeology. The medal will be presented to the noted British scholar in a private ceremony in Washington, D.C., Saturday, Oct. 28.

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Dr Dan Hicks has been awarded the Rivers Memorial Medal for 2017

The Royal Anthropological Institute announced this week that Dr Dan Hicks, Associate Professor and Curator in Archaeology, has been awarded the Rivers Memorial Medal for 2017, one of the highest honours in Anthropology and Archaeology. 

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