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13-01-2014 by Administrator

BBC News Article - Moroccan Stone Age hunters' rotten teeth

Scientists have found some of the earliest evidence for widespread tooth decay in humans. For the full story visit the BBC News article Moroccan Stone Age hunter's rotten teeth.

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18-11-2013 by Administrator

Green Arabia Conference

The Green Arabia conference will be held in Oxford on April 2–4, 2014. Scholars and students from around the world will gather for 3 days of presentations and discussions covering the latest multidisciplinary research on the prehistory of the Arabian Peninsula and its role at the cross-roads of continents.

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08-11-2013 by Administrator

NERC funding for a Doctoral Training Partnership

The Natural Environment Research Council has just announced that Oxford will host one of the 15 national centres for doctoral training in Environmental Research, including Archaeological Science. This will provide full funding for students selected to join this four-year course.

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31-10-2013 by Administrator

Tool Use as Adaptation

The latest issue of the world's first science journal, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B, is co-edited by Drs Dora Biro, Michael Haslam and Christian Rutz.

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21-10-2013 by Administrator

The Oxford-based Sealinks Project is collaborating with the Ashmolean Museum

The Oxford-based Sealinks Project is collaborating with the Ashmolean Museum to offer various public activities at the Museum on Thursday 7 November, 2013, including gallery tours and an evening lecture series.

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Book publication and New Scientist essay by Dr Lambros Malafouris

Dr Lambros Malafouris has recently published an essay in the New Scientist (10th September 2013) on 'Mind into matter: where we end and the world begins'.

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05-09-2013 by Administrator

Researchers pinpoint when the First Dynasty of kings ruled Early Egypt

For the first time, a team of scientists and archaeologists has been able to set a robust timeline for the first eight dynastic rulers of Egypt.

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27-08-2013 by Administrator

Dr. Damian Robinson in this month's BBC Focus Magazine

Over a thousand years ago, the ancient city of Heracleion was buried beneath the Mediterranean Sea, and scholars doubted whether it would ever be seen again. But today, archaeologists are finding tablets, gold coins and even gigantic statues, showing just how important this port once was. BBC Focus Magazine September 2013 Edition.

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23-08-2013 by Administrator

Sticks, Stones & Broken Bones, Edited by Rick Schulting and Linda Fibiger

'Sticks, Stones & Broken Bones: Neolithic Violence in a European Perspective' (OUP), published in 2012, presents overviews of violent injuries on skeletons from various regions of Europe.

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08-08-2013 by Administrator

Doctoral Studentships at the Centre for Asian Archaeology, Art and Culture

The School of Archaeology invites applications for a funded studentship for students intending to study for a DPhil is the area of early Chinese Archaeology under the supervision of Professor Jessica Rawson.

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