Creative Meteorisms. A cross-disciplinary workshop and exhibition

Poster for the creative meteorisms workshop and exhibition

'Creative Meteorisms', a cross-disciplinary workshop and exhibition was organised in the context of the HANDMADE project between Tuesday 11 and Sunday 17 July 2023 at The Museum of Geological Formations of Meteora, Greece.

This was a collaboration between Professor Lambros Malafouris (University of Oxford) and the Theodorou Art Studio in the context of the HANDMADE project which is funded from the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (No. 771997).

The concept of ‘creative meteorism’ (from the Greek term meteōra referring to atmospheric or meteorological phenomena) denotes the state of suspension, where matter and imagination become entangled, and emerging forms are hovering between the actual and the virtual, like a shifting horizon of transformative possibilities. The phenomenon of ‘creative meteorism’ was the theme of a cross-disciplinary workshop and exhibition that took place between Tuesday 11 and Sunday 17 July at The Museum of Geological Formations of Meteora, Greece. The workshop, brought together ceramists, artists and academics with a range of specialisations from archaeology, anthropology, design, psychology, psychiatry and philosophy. Participants, using a series of practical demonstrations (raku firing & experimental reconstruction of ceramic techniques) and interactive interventions (mobile eye-tracking & exploration of the bodily self) tried to capture the meaning of ‘creative meteorism’ and to understand its broader significance in the morphogenetic process. The combination of theoretical perspectives and practical/experiential sessions enabled productive dialogue across disciplinary boundaries which facilitated new insights on the process of creativity.

Participants: Alex Aston (Archaeology, University of Oxford), Rory Carnegie (Photographer), Miranda Creswell (Artist/Archaeology, University of Oxford), Rosemary Clunie (Artist), Shaun Gallagher (Philosophy, University of Memphis), Chris Gosden (Archaeology, University of Oxford), Tim Ingold (Anthropology, University of Aberdeen), Paul March (Archaeology, University of Oxford), Catherine O'Brien (Archaeology, University of Oxford), Frank Röhricht (Consultant Psychiatrist & Medical Director, East London NHS), Wendy Ross (Psychology, London Metropolitan University), Julian Stair (Ceramist), Clare Twomey (Ceramist, University of Westminster), Dionysia Avouri (Ceramist), Giorgos Vavatsis (Ceramist), Filippos Vasileiou (artist), Nikos Gikas (Ceramist), Freideriki Zalavra (Theodorou Art Studio), Maro Theodorou (Ceramist), Zozo Theodorou (Ceramist), Marion Inglessi (Ceramist), Natasha Kalogeropoulou (Ceramist), Kostas Karakitsos (Ceramist), Maro Kerasioti (Ceramist), Maria Danae Koukouti (Archaeology, University of Oxford), Lambros Malafouris (Archaeology, University of Oxford), Giorgos Pontikis (Ceramist), Nikos Sklavenitis (Ceramist), Giannis Staggidis (Ceramist), and Ilias Christopoulos (Ceramist).