Postdoctoral Fellowship Schemes


The School of Archaeology welcomes interest from researchers wishing to apply to external funding bodies for Postdoctoral Research Fellowships. 


Please see below the School's general guidance notes for applicants intending to apply to external funding bodies to develop their research projects here (please note that the School itself does not offer funded Fellowships). We expect that prospective candidates will have contacted a potential supervisor in the School well before the funder's deadline to discuss the proposed work and application. Queries should be directed either to or to the proposed mentor/supervisor within the School.

External Postdoctoral Fellowship schemes general guidance - School of Archaeology 2018-19


Please note that the School requires initial Expressions of Interest by six weeks before the funder deadline, and full applications by two weeks before the funder deadline, unless indicated otherwise.


The School of Archaeology welcomes interest from potential applicants for Marie Skłodowska-Curie 2019 Individual Fellowships (European Fellowships). The funder’s deadline for applications is Wednesday 11 September 2019, 4pm UK time.


The first step is to seek a supervisor who is an academic member of the School of Archaeology and would be happy to support your application. If you have any queries about contacting a potential supervisor, please write to in the first instance.


Expression of Interest

Applicants should then submit an Expression of Interest to the School by email (to no later than Wednesday 31 July. This should consist of a single pdf document (saved in the format: MSCA-2019_(surname firstname).pdf), containing the following information:

a) CV

b) Summary of the intended project (1–2 A4 pages maximum)

c) Details of any facilities that would be required from the host institution (e.g. for scientific analyses) during the Fellowship

d) A brief statement of support from the academic within the School who will support your application and act as supervisor if your application is successful, indicating the relevance of the research to the broader interests of the School and their support of the proposal and applicant


All applications will be assessed on academic merit, the feasibility of the proposed research project and the extent to which the work fits with existing interests of the research cluster and the School. The School will consider its research priorities and resource implications when reaching a decision.


Please note that those who do not submit an Expression of Interest by the above deadline cannot be considered for this round.


Application schedule

Please note that in cases where the School agrees to support an application, a first draft of the application will need to be submitted to the School by Wednesday 14 August; the completed application will then need to be submitted to the University’s Research Services by Wednesday 28 August.


If you have any queries about the application process, please contact us at


For further information about the Scheme, please visit the EC website at:

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