Our UNIQ Summer School for Archaeology and Anthropology 2023 is in full swing!

We are delighted to be running our fourth UNIQ Summer School this week! 

UNIQ is the University of Oxford’s access programme for state school students. We prioritise places for students with good grades from backgrounds that are under-represented at Oxford and other universities. Every year more students from diverse backgrounds get offered places at Oxford with help from UNIQ.

This week the students will work with our staff to tackle some really big ideas in archaeology and anthropology and delve into some of the methods we use to conduct our research.

  • Was farming a bad idea?
  • Dating methods - particularly tephrochronology. 
  • How is Oxford a city of migration? 
  • What biases might we have when studying the past?
  • How do myths evolve and is there any reality at their core?
  • Zooarchaeological techniques and methods
  • The evolution of the Hominin diet
  • Anthropology, film and the power of visual media.